DIY // Washi Tape Striped Vase

If you were to look this DIY up by the difficulty level, you’d see it filed under “RIDIC EASY”.

Seriously, this is so easy…and cheap…and quick.  {{These are a few of my favorite things….}}

As most Southern Girls do, I have an unexplained collection of mason jars.  We use them for everything.  When I was little we drank our sweet tea at dinner out of them (if you’ve never drank sweet tea out of a mason jar, you haven’t lived, FYI).  These days, I have one in my bathroom to keep my makeup brushes in.  The one on my kitchen sink houses the dish scrubber brush.  The one on my desk keeps all of my Sharpies organized.  And yet, while I have them all over the house in various spots for whatever purpose I assigned them, I still have a cabinet full of em.

Because of my husband’s insane endearing addiction to pint glasses that he ‘just has to have’ from random bars and restaurants, I needed to clear out some of my beloved mason jars.  So I grabbed a few and brought them to my office, where I sat them on my desk and brainstormed.  Like a bolt of lightning, I noticed a roll of washi tape right beside one of them and BOOM – this sweet little project was born.

Here’s what you need:

~Washi Tape

~Mason Jar (or any other clear jar / vase / can / etc)



*The washi tape that I had sitting beside the mason jar that prompted this idea was one of the tapes I use to package my prints – and I didn’t think the words “Special Delivery” really made sense on a vase, so I opted for my favorite gold glittery washi instead.


Jar Washi Tape Scissors

I knew I wanted horizontal stripes, but this is where you really can’t go wrong and could get really creative.  But I’m a creature of habit, and my habit is decorating any and everything with stripes, so I measured out the length it would take to completely wrap the tape around the jar and cut 3 equal strips of the same size.


Then I just peeled and stuck all 3 strips onto the jar, as evenly spaced out as I thought looked good (I hate measuring, so I eyeballed it, but if you’re totally OCD, measure it out and go all in). 


It really is just that easy.  And cheap.  And quick.  And everyone who sees this cute little vase asks where I got it.  Isn’t it awesome when such a little project makes such a big impact?  🙂




4 thoughts on “DIY // Washi Tape Striped Vase

  1. Hey girlie!! This turned out super cute. I am curious as to what washi tape is. I have never heard of it before I lol

    • Thanks Melissa!! You can get washi tape at the Target Dollar Spot, Michaels, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, etc – pretty much anywhere these days 🙂 It looks like a normal roll of tape, just with designs or patterns or glitter!!

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