DIY! Gold ‘Dipped’ Flower Pot


This past week I had a surprise visit from one of my best friends, who stopped by with a bag of my favorite Trader Joes things!  It was one of the sweetest things anyone has done for me in a long time, and although I L O V E D the chocolate, the goat cheese, the baguette and the wine (of course, the wine!!), my favorite thing included in her thoughtful gift was this mini orchid.

I have NEVER had a green thumb, so imagine my joy when the directions simply said “put 1 ice cube in flower pot once a week”.  DONE AND DONE!  The directions also said it needed indirect sunlight, so I knew that putting it on my desk in my office would be the perfect place.

Within the first few minutes of admiring it, I knew that a flower of it’s cuteness was worthy of more than a plain terra cotta pot.  Continuing with my ‘all things gold’ obsession, I got out my gold paint pen and within 2 minutes (maybe less), I had a beautiful and unique little home for my adorable orchid!


BEFORE:  Cute, but like all things in life, deserved just a little extra pizzazz.  Enter: gold paint pen (aka my go-to for an easy and inexpensive punch of pretty).


STEP 1:  Grab a rubber band (I used one of the small clear ones since this was a small pot, but if you have a larger pot you’ll need one with more elasticity).  You want the rubber band to be tight, so the paint doesn’t bleed and you end up with a crisp line.

Arrange it the way you’d like on your pot.  I did a diagonal line because I wanted it to have a ‘dipped’ look, but putting a few rubber bands on it and doing some stripes would look awesome.  You really can’t go wrong.



STEP 2:  Pick up that trusty paint pen.  I could write an entire blog post on my love for paint pens and the ways they’ve changed my life.  Of course, you can choose any color.  And you can really use any size, but for this one I used a thicker pen so it didn’t take me long to fill in my color.  {{I’ve tested a million paint pens, and the Craftsmart ones have proven to be my favorite for most projects.  Especially the gold – it leaves a metallic shine on pretty much any surface.  You can get them here:}}

To fill in the color, I just drew vertical lines, side by side until I had gone around the entire pot.  I wasn’t sure if the paint would leave marks on the terra cotta, so I played it safe, but it seemed to soak it in really well, so don’t worry about your lines being exact or straight or anything (yay for no pressure!!)


STEP 3:  Wait for the paint to dry.  I left mine to dry while I took a shower, but I don’t think it needed even that long.  The paint really does soak into the terra cotta quickly.  Once it’s dry, take a pair of scissors and snip the rubberband and VOILA! 

For pennies and 3 minutes, you have a terra cotta pot with pizzazz!  BOOM!



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