Hi There, Hello & W E L C O M E!


Ahhhh! I cannot even believe this dream is actually a REALITY. My brother makes fun of me for over-using the phrase “Is this real life?” but I find myself constantly asking myself this exact question when it comes to my business, my website, this blog…and everything in between.

I wanted my first blog post to tell you a little more about me, Lindsey, the self-taught entrepreneur and self-proclaimed doodler. So, here we go…

I am a true blue, real life, born and bred Charlottean. I LOVE this city and everything about it. I married the man of my dreams, Andrew in 2010 and 2 years later (almost to the day) we welcomed our son, Cohen. {If you want a good laugh, read through my first Blogger experience when I kept up with my pregnancy – it’s sure to entertain…} There’s not a single second that goes by that I don’t feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have these two in my life. They are literally the inspiration behind everything that I do.

I love Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Lattes, cheese, anything on Bravo, Target, college football, my church, old Hymns, my family, my momma’s house in Lake Murray, SC, collecting milk glass from old antique shops, cooking (not to be confused with baking), Bogle Petite Syrah, HIGH heels, General Hospital (Sonny Corinthos – andthose dimples!), Mexican food, really soft blankets, cool coffee mugs, bonfires, cookouts with friends, patios on a nice afternoon, throwing dinner parties, writing notes for my son’s lunch and spending quality time with all of my AMAZING family and friends.

I opened LJDesignCo in June of 2013 and the past year has been a whirlwind of one blessing after another. In the past year I have established great personal & professional friendships, I have signed on with my first Greeting Card company to design for them, I’ve designed for over 100 parties and events and personal orders, and I’ve grown my business in ways I never dreamt possible. I have no formal training or education in the art of calligraphy, typography or anything you’ll see me design or create. While I’ve seriously considered taking a calligraphy class at the community college just for fun, I’m afraid that may alter my personal and unique style…so unless I’m just sitting around bored and have crazy amounts of spare time on my hands one day (bahaaha), I’ll just sit back and thank God for this talent He’s blessed me with and all of the people He’s placed in my life who continually support and encourage me and this business. It’s because of them (and you!) that I’m able to do what I love and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I am crazy obsessed with paper, pens, writing, and pretty much anything that adds beauty and creativity to this already amazing world that God created and blessed us to live in. Black and white stripes are my favorite (if you couldn’t already tell) and anything sparkly or shiny instantly has my heart.

I l o v e hearing from you, so if there’s a question/comment you have about myself or LJDesignCo., please don’t hesitate to contact me personally at {lindsey@ljdesignco.com}.

Thank you SO much for stopping by and for helping make my dream a reality.



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